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In the heart of Salento, a few steps from the Ionian Sea, Ganto, a manufacturer of dried figs from Puglia and jams 100% natural

All our products are born from a traditional manufacturing process that starts with slow drying under the hot sun of Puglia.

The culture of the land that is handed down from father to son moves the hands of every farmer, who takes care of every single plant with the love that has always distinguished the strong bond between our land and our families. 

We adopt traditional processing methods because they guarantee us the possibility of preserving the maximum nutritional values of our high quality product. 

We have decided to respect nature so that it can give us high quality figs every year, guaranteeing us the possibility of offering you 100% natural products in eco-sustainable packaging.

Our Line of Control pays homage to this slow work, based on the magical synergy that binds nature to the agricultural culture of men. 

We work every day in contact with nature to be able to enclose in the bite of a fig all the warmth and love of our land, full of life, energy and sun. 

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