10 reasons to eat figs

Why should you eat dried figs?

Apart from being delicious, dried figs are an important source of nutrients, also recommended by nutritionists as part of a varied diet to meet your daily needs.

According to recent scientific research, we can now list 10 reasons why it is recommended to include dried figs in your diet:

1. Figs are rich in fibre

Anyone who wants to lose weight knows the importance of fibre. Figs are rich in high-quality natural soluble and non-soluble fibre, which help your body to monitor weight and improve metabolism. Just think of our grandparents who ate figs to deal with constipation and bad digestion.

2. Figs are rich in minerals

Do you want to strengthen your bones?

Do you need more calcium but can't drink milk?

Are you lactose intolerant but need to absorb calcium?


A good nutritionist will be able to recommend the daily intake of figs to supplement:

  • Calcium: useful for improving your bone density over time.
  • Iron: useful for treating anaemia

This daily intake would help you prevent osteoporosis, anaemia and other diseases also connected to mineral deficiency.


3. Figs are good for your heart

The potassium in figs will help your body control hypertension, which is caused by a diet rich in salt and lacking in fruit and vegetables.

There is scientific evidence that including figs in a varied diet helps reduce the risk of heart disease, such as heart attack and coronary artery disease.

To date, recent scientific research has highlighted the potential of fig leaves to improve circulation, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

4. Fig leaves fight diabetes

Fig leaves decoction is recommended for patients with insulin-dependent diabetes, as it stimulates insulin production by reducing the need for exra insulin.

5. Boost desire with a powerful aphrodisiac fruit

Since ancient times, the fig has always been considered the fruit of desire and passion. This symbolism is related to the high aphrodisiac qualities figs have shown to have over the centuries. Nowadays, the fig is used to fight the lack of sexual desire, low libido and some problems of the male reproductive system.

6. Natural remedy against acne and pimples

Figs help prevent skin conditions such as acne and pimples


7. How to help memory and sleep

The presence of tryptophan, an amino acid which is essential in every diet, stimulates melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and the mechanisms related to attention and memory.

8. Powerful natural antioxidant against ageing

The importance of antioxidants for humans has been certified by the world scientific community. Eating food high in antioxidants helps us keep our bodies fit and reduce cellular oxidation.

9. Figs sloow vision loss in the elderly

Along with carrots and other fruits, figs are useful for preventing eye diseases and fighting vision loss in the elderly, as they are rich in antioxidant vitamins.

10. Figs reduce acidity and lower ph

Many types of food we eat on a daily basis increase the acidity level of our body. Eating figs help to lower the Ph to an alkaline level over time, and helps to reduce water retention and cellulite.